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Going on vacations together like…


Going on vacations together like…

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The Selfie (x)

Mother Fuck yes!! Plus I have a ton of good looking friends. I love when Ya’ll show me your mother fucking mugs.

I can’t google how my fiends look today. I wanna see selfies and I wanna see them all the time. 

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is it wrong to be in love with an electric car

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*gets 50 notes on a text post*


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in 2008 i used to be in love w shia labeouf and i made a myspace pretending to be him and i had over 10,000 friends and i got over 1000 messages a day & ppl actually believed i was shia labeouf and i actually got verified as him for some reason so i was the official shia labeouf myspace but i was in fact a 12 yr old canadian kid 

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